Between Modernism and Application: A Comparative Approach to Mathematical Research Culture in the Early 1900's


Prof. Dr. Moritz Epple, Prof. Dr. Leo Corry, Birgit Bergmann M.A.

Key Publications

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The research project aims to advance our understanding of how intellectual milieus and social processes have contributed to shaping the modernization of mathematics after 1900. At the same time, and conversely, the project aims at deepening our understanding of how the generation of knowledge in mathematics contributed to the formation of 'modernist' local scientific cultures. By focusing on local developments in which applied mathematics and computation played a crucial role, the project also intends to go beyond the present emphasis on abstract, pure mathematics as the core of 'modernist' mathematics. Our project will pursue two case studies with specifically chosen focus. One case study will investigate the role of applied mathematics in the modernization of a local mathematical milieu; here we propose to take another look at Göttingen, but this time as a center of applied mathematical research. A second case study will focus on the role of computation in another mathematical milieu gaining impetus in the period considered: Berkeley, California. A further crucial element of our project will be to make available important sources for future research. A on-line source base will provide texts from other local traditions in the original as well as in English translation.

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